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 Furmage, Arcane mage

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PostSubject: Furmage, Arcane mage   Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:05 pm

Name: Thomas
Age: 19, date of birth 22nd november 1990
Nationality: The Netherlands

About you:
I'm Thomas, i'm a very talkative and sometimes hyperactive person, who loves to be in groups. I always enjoy raiding, but my problem is that i can only raid like once a week, and sometimes not even that one time a week. Though i think that i'm perfectly capable of doing raids at the times that my school, work and social life allows me to raid, i would love to join you for raiding.


Ingame name: Furmage
Class: Mage
Race: Gnome
Level: 80
Spec: Arcane
Profession: Enchanting (450/450) tailoring (448/450)

Your Past Guilds:

De Geuzen(Non raiding)

Why did you leave them:

I left method because some of the officers didn't like me, and almost never invited me into raids anymore..
I lef De Geuzen just because they were a bunch of goofbags.. link:

.Raiding Experience.

Wrath of the Lich King raiding Experience:

Naxxramas 10/25: Done, on a Resto druid though

Ulduar 10/25 (hardmodes?): Ulduar 10, not everything. And again, as a Resto Druid

ToC 10/25 (heroic?): 25, failed on Anub Arak.

Ice Crown Citadel 10/25: ICC 10, got as far as lootship

.About You.

What does raiding mean to you?
It's something that i just love to do. Because it keeps me on edge, and i just love to out dps other people:D Wich i understand will not happen for quite some time anymore, since you guys are all icc geared, and i'm still stuck around item level 245:P

How often will you raid a week?
As it said in a few lines above, i'm busy with school and work and social life, at most i can be like a reserve dps or something, once in a week, but i'll try to make more time.

Will you be able to raid 20:00 to 23:00?
Most of the times, yes.

Do you Disconnect in Raids?
Nope, never happened before. Only disconnects i've been getting are random disconnects, never in a raid before

What Foods/Flasks/Pots etc do you bring to a raid?

Would you respec if the Guild ask you to for a raid?
Yush, though i do not see the point in an arcane mage respeccing;)
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PostSubject: Re: Furmage, Arcane mage   Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:08 am

Im sorry, but for now recruitment is entirely closed. If we start recruiting again and you havent found any other guild yet we will contact you
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Furmage, Arcane mage
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